Why Motogadget

Motogadget has become the go to system for resto-mod motorcycles and custom builds for many years. The Motogadget mo. unit blue is the easiest and best way way to minimize the wiring and need for bulky, space robbing relays. Wiring your handle bar switches is made is especially when using push button momentary switches and made even easier with use of the mo. button. The mo. button makes use of the can bus feature of the mo. unit blue. If your looking to upgrade the electrics of your motorcycle,  and clean up by minimizing the wiring, the motogadget mo. unit blue is the way to go.


    About Motogadget

    For many years motogadget has been at the pinnacle of high quality instruments and innovative accessories for motorcycle market.

    The outstanding design, features, and material and finish make motogadget a premier choice for customizers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

    The product line includes analogue and digital multifunctional instruments, electronic switching and control elements, glassless rear view mirrors, turn signals, push button controls and much more.

    The entire product line is developed and tested by the highly qualified motogadet team. Either the entire production or completion is done on premises – hand crafted in most cases.

    Made in Germany translates to high quality and is sought after by motorcycle enthusiasts and customizers the world over.

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