Why MessnerMoto?

Automotive design is the cleanest design form for your motorcycle. Search for perfection is not compromised by any means in any of our projects or parts. Creation is indeed governed by passion and a constant need for improvement. The results are a timeless design with a unique, nowhere-to-be-seen look and feel.

Our goal is to become one of the leading suppliers of products for modders, customizers and bike enthusiasts worldwide. MessnerMoto brand is recognizable for its unique design, and it is a synonym for exclusive motorcycle products.


    About MessnerMoto

    Mirko Mesner, founder and designer, has been in love with automotive design since the early 2000s. His dream and passion were to design and build high-performance cars and motorcycles.

    From the beginning of his quest, he started designing cars and motorcycles in 3D software, hoping that one day all his effort would pay off and he will be able to create a project for real. Unfortunately, a significant obstacle for the realization of his projects was a financial resource. Building this kind of project, with an obsession for perfection, demands vast amounts of financial support. After ten years in the IT industry, Mirko saved enough money to start building his first project.
    The moment he saw Honda CB750, he knew that this would be his dream project. After choosing the right bike, he focused all of his spare time and resources on building his first motorcycle prototype based on CB750. It took long and stressful three years to design and build the bike, but in the end, he made it. The result is perfection in motion.
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