Top Triple Tree Clamp for Honda CB500/CB550 35mm Forks by MessnerMoto

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Designed for Honda cafe racer CB500 or CB550 and other custom-builds, the MessnerMoto top triple clamp serves as a direct replacement for the stock OEM triples.
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MessnerMoto Top Triple Clamp for Honda CB500 CB550 35mm Fork

Upgrade to the MessnerMoto Top Triple Clamp to give your motorcycle a sleek but elegant look that will make it stand out from the pack. Designed for the Honda cafe racer CB500 or CB550 and other custom-builds, the MessnerMoto top triple clamp serves as a direct replacement for the stock OEM triples.

As with all MessnerMoto parts, the top triple clamp has been built from concept to reality. This process has been refined and developed to create a unique part that oozes class while retaining functionality and performance.

MessnerMoto has a well-earned reputation for high-quality performance parts, and its top triple clamp is no exception.

Machined to Perfection

The aircraft-quality T6 billet aluminum has been transformed into the top triple clamp using CNC machining, a process known for its accuracy. This means that every MessnerMoto top triple clamp is made to the same consistent quality, having been specifically engineered to create a precision fit.

After machining, the top triple clamp is hard anodized to create a durable, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance and easy to install. The top triple is  a perfect fit with the Honda CB500 and CB550 35mm fork, as well as the MessnerMoto top triple tree brackets, which accept Motoscope Mini and Motoscope Pro gauges.

MessnerMoto – A Name Synonymous with Beauty and Performance

MessnerMoto’s search for perfection is clear with the top triple clamp. Unlike many of the other products on the market that opt for a flat top that shortens the front end, MessnerMoto has gone with a curved top, setting the product apart from its competitors and creating a look that exudes both beauty and performance. The curved top takes the triple tree to another level creating a softer, more elegant feel, one that the harsh lines created by a flat top cannot emulate.

Lives up to the Messner Name

Mirko Messner is known for the extensive research and planning that he undertakes before embarking on any project. His first build took three years, but the result spoke for itself. In the process, Messner developed several one-off parts that epitomized style and performance. He spent a further two years refining and developing these parts before releasing them to the market. The top triple clamp is one of the products that have benefited from this process, with every aspect carefully designed with performance in mind.

Messner’s designs have always been governed by his passion and his constant need for improvement. His ongoing search for perfection is certainly not compromised with this offering. However, his constant need for improvement may well be satisfied with this race-orientated timeless design offering a level of performance that sets it apart from the pack.

Simply the Best

Messner taught himself industrial design, mechanical engineering, and every other skill he thought was necessary to make his dream come true. His dedication to learning the art that comes with creating a custom build is evident in every MessnerMoto product, none more so than this top triple clamp.

The MessnerMoto top triple clamp certainly ticks every box; versatile, elegant, high-quality, high-performance, and durable, to name but a few. Perhaps most importantly, the triple clamp is affordable while offering a user experience that is very seldom seen in this price range. The design, materials, and quality MessnerMoto has incorporated into the product have it punching well above its weight class.

Any Honda cafe racer CB500 or CB550 will look incredible with the MeesnerMoto top triple clamp. After installing the triple clamp, it really will feel like perfection in motion the next time the bike hits the road.


  • Made from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • CNC Machined
  • Hard-Anodized in Black and Silver
  • Distance between fork centers: 182mm
  • Offset: 45mm
  • For 35mm forks
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 17 cm


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