Why Venhill Cables?

For 50 years Venhill has been manufacturing control cables, hydraulic hoses and brake lines for Motorbikes, Quad Bikes, Cars, Karts and many other applications. Our hoses and cables are made in the UK to the highest possible standard.



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About Venhill Motorcycle Cables

Control cables and hydraulic lines form vital links between man and machine; directly transmitting instructions to components at all speeds and in all conditions. Despite this, most people rarely give them a moment’s thought.

At Venhill, we give cables and hoses much more than a moment’s thought, in fact we’ve been developing and manufacturing cables and hoses for almost 50 years. We make pattern cables and hydraulic lines for modern, classic and vintage motorbikes (both on and off-road), quads, cars and karts, alongside many others for wide range of domestic and industrial applications. It’s what we do.

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