Why Kellermann Lights?

Our philosophy is evident in every product. A light by Kellermann stands for elegant design, superior technology and brilliant illuminating power. All our products deliver on that. We develop and produce inhouse, we constantly push the envelope to manifest our role as a global trendsetter. We put the most advanced technologies to use, our developers live innovation every day.

The result are lights which are a cut above the rest when it comes to brightness and more safety on the road. That is quality Made in Germany – for more than 30 years. Our home base has traditionally been in Aachen Germany and was shaped by the surrounding high-tech environment: Most of our engineers are graduates of the university of excellence RWTH Aachen. They follow the path of the founder of Kellermann as dedicated developers and passionate bikers. They want to make a bike more save and enhance its exclusivity through individual customization at the same time.


    About Kellermann

    Kellermann is the first decision for every biker. Our motorcycle products are the benchmark for outstanding quality and elegant design. The first choice for every rider who wants to give his bike a personal touch and make it more save at the same time. Lights by Kellermann are technically outstanding and extremely bright. At the same time they individualize every bike as desired.

    With us you customize your bike with a good conscience for a worry-free ride: All our products are ECE approved and can be installed legally without any additional paperwork. Many of our products have even won prestigious awards for their functionality and form. That is quality out of Aachen / Germany, five years warrantee included.

    We are only happy when the client looks at his bike and knows: This is my bike because I installed the absolute best when in comes to function, quality and design. Only then ‘a’ bike turns into ‘my’ bike.

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