Motogadget mo.unit basic motorcycle controller

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The Motogadget mo.unit basic motorcycle controller is a high-quality and reliable control unit for motorcycles that is characterized by its versatile functions.

Eliminates most relays as well as many fuses which minimizes wiring on your motorcycle and reduces time spent wiring. An excellent addition to any customized or Resto Mod Motorcycle.

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The Motogadget mo.unit basic motorcycle controller is a high-quality and reliable control unit for motorcycles that is characterized by its versatile functions. Unlike the mo.unit blue, the mo.unit basic does not have Bluetooth functionality, making it an ideal choice for riders who want to do without wireless connectivity.

It can be operated using conventional switches or momentary push button control. When using the mo.button, the number of wires from your switches is reduced to one wire.

The Motogadget mo.unit basic controller is a digital control center, the heart of the entire vehicle electrical system. It can be operated both with push-button fittings and with conventional, switching handlebar fittings.

The mo.unit basic controller switches all components in the vehicle via wear-free high-performance
semiconductor switches and takes over the tasks of the electrical fuses.
Various relays, connectors and individual components in the wiring harness can be
eliminated. Minimizes vehicle wiring.

Motorcycle wiring system can be set up quickly and easily with mo.unit basic controller.

The mo.unit basic has 12 inputs, 10 outputs and interchangeable
interchangeable quality cable terminals.


  • Push-button control for 4 or 5-button operation
  • Replacement of the vehicle fuses
  • Alarm system
  • Load-independent flasher relay
  • Hazard warning lights
  • Blinker as position light (adjustable)
  • Time-controlled blinker switch-off
  • Path-controlled turn signal deactivation (speedometer sensor required)
  • Parking light and headlight flasher
  • Control of low beam and high beam with one button
  • Stop light modulator (8 adjustable modes)
  • Emergency stop light
  • Garage light
  • Fan run-on
  • Hyper beam (200W high beam + low beam)
  • Starter relay for starter with magnetic switch (max. 30 A)
  • Intelligent switch-off of consumers at startup
  • Integrated, digital horn relay
  • Two configurable additional outputs AUX1 and AUX2
  • Complete wiring system diagnostic function
  • Defect detection of all light sources

Technical Data

  • Dimensions 90 x 53 x 30mm (L/W/H)
  • Waterproof, vibration-resistant – IP69
  • Weight approx. 180 g
  • Fastening 2 x M5 screw, distance 74mm
  • Operating voltage 6 V – 20 V
  • Operating temperature -20° to +80°C


  • Ignition lock +12V or mo.lock
  • Turn signal left
  • Turn signal right
  • Light
  • Starter
  • Horn
  • Brake light
  • Kill
  • Side stand
  • LIN bus
  • AUX1
  • AUX2


  • Turn signal left
  • Turn signal right
  • Low beam
  • High beam
  • Starter
  • Horn
  • Brake light
  • Ignition
  • AUX1 (Universal)
  • AUX2 (Universal)


  • mo.unit basic
  • Positive pole screw M5
  • 2 M5 fastening screws with nuts and washers

can be ordered separately in the accessories category:

  • Battery connection cable
  • Battery connection cable with vehicle main fuse
  • Cable kit for complete vehicle wiring
  • Bus terminal Earth connector
  • mo.lock ignition lock
  • Speedometer sensor & 2 neodymium magnets




Weight 500 g
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 12 cm


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