Domino Classic Lever and Perch Assembly

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The Classic Lever Assembly by Domino Racing is a great match for 1970’s – 1980’s dirt bikes. The left (clutch) side and right (brake) sides are sold separately.

Choose Brake/Clutch Options

  • Classic Lever Assembly
  • Classic Split-Perch Lever Assembly
  • Classic Split Perch with mirror mount 10mm threads.
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Domino Classic Lever and Perch Assembly is a great match for your 1970″s to 1980″s dirt bikes.

Each assembly includes a perch, lever, cable adjuster and bolts. The left (clutch) side and right (brake) sides are sold separately.

The Classic Split-Perch Lever Assembly has a two-piece perch. The “split-perch” allows easy installation and removal of the assemblies without having to remove the throttle or remove (and possibly destroy) the left side grip.

The Classic Split-Perch with Mirror Mount allows you to attach a mirror with 10mm threads.

The perch, lever and cable adjusters for all Classic Lever Assemblies are made from cast aluminum, then painted black. The lever pivot for the left (clutch) lever is 28.5mm (1.1220”), and the right (brake lever fulcrum is 26.5mm (1.0430”). Both levers measure 159mm (6 7/8”).


  • Durable aluminum levers and perches
  • Levers measure approx. 159mm (6 7/8″)
  • All lever/perch assemblies come with cable adjuster and rubber boot.
  • Made in Italy



Weight 250 g
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 8 cm
Choose Option

Classic Brake Side, Classic Clutch Side, Replacement Brake Lever, Replacement Clutch Lever, Split Perch Brake Side, Split Perch Brake Side W/Mirror Mount, Split Perch Clutch Side, Split Perch Clutch Side W/Mirror Mount


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