NECtech 1.0 Controller with Switches

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NECtech 1.0 motorcycle controller with switches This is a plug-and-play device that will replace nearly all of your motorcycles stock wiring. It controls all lighting, coil power, horn, start, and comes w plug-in switches to keep it clean and simple

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NECtech 1.0 motorcycle controller with switches is the system everybody has been waiting for. Comes complete with handle bar switches for 7/8″ 22mm handle bars. This system will nearly replace all your stock wiring. The included switches with the NECtech 1.0 motorcycle controller with switches are plug and play to keep the guess work  down to a minimum. This kit will control your lights, horn, coil, start etc. Has a separate plug output to turn on your dash or speedo indicator lights to simplify the installation and cut down on the wire splicing. Wiring and terminals are included for most of your needs. All these features at an affordable price.



  • Complete Wiring System
  • 8bit AVR® enhanced RISC architecture microcontroller
  • Solid state advance trench MOSFET powered
  • All digital operation
  • On-board auto reset smart E-fuse on all input/output channels
  • AC runaway and 3,000-volt surge protection
  • Plug-in handlebar switch set using low-level logic operations
  • Standard dash gauge and indicator outputs
  • Starter solenoid/relay output with fly-back protection
  • Master light control
  • Soft start headlight ON
  • On-board digital flasher
  • LED light compatible
  • PWM taillight marker output
  • User select engine power output
  • User select engine power output
  • Neutral/clutch safety feature
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 12 cm


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